26 Jan 2024

DKNY Launches New Store

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DKNY, the iconic brand renowned for its urban-chic womens wear, celebrated a momentous occasion on November 9, 2023 – the grand opening of its first standalone store in South Africa. From New York to Durban, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping played host to an unforgettable evening that not only marked the arrival of DKNY but also captured the vibrant spirit of the city that never sleeps.

DKNY, synonymous with fashion-forward thinking, welcomed guests to an immersive experience. Eclectic music spun by, DJ Abby Nu Rock created a lively atmosphere where guests mingled, shopped, and experienced the true essence of New York attitude. The DKNY store itself was a spectacle, lit up like the iconic Times Square, providing the perfect backdrop for celebrities, friends, and avid fans of the brand to capture exclusive moments on the black carpet.

The VIP list was nothing short of impressive, featuring the dazzling presence of DKNY brand ambassadors. Notable personalities such as Msaki, Pearl Thusi, Thabsie, Kim Jayde, and Nadia Jaftha graced the occasion, adding star power to the already glittering event.

The celebration went beyond the sartorial elegance on display; it extended to the culinary delights that embodied the essence of the Big Apple. Attendees were treated to gourmet duck confit corn dogs, decadent bagel-inspired desserts and more – all paired with classic NYC cocktails and mocktails that transported everyone straight to the streets of Manhattan.

Renowned singer and songwriter, Msaki, captured the essence of DKNY when she remarked, “What I admire most about DKNY is that it is for everyone. I can be a DKNY girl, and so can you.” Her words resonated with the inclusive spirit that defines the brand, transcending borders and fashion conventions.

Gateway Theatre of Shopping is now home to the heart of NYC, where fashion enthusiasts can explore the DKNY brand both in-store and online at As the sun sets on the launch event, DKNY invites you to step into a world where fashion knows no boundaries and the spirit of New York comes alive.


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